The process of producing and supplying of the flour and floury products, which is a basic food substance, in wished quality and capacity is only realized by using a modern technology that is suitable for today’s world conditions. UNICORE FOOD MACHINERY AND FOREIGN TRADE CO. consists of five leader Food and Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Companies with the common aim of optimizing quality with consistency, with fast, intelligent and economical solutions and providing satisfactory services to their customers. UNICORE works with conscious and responsibility of giving service in this sector. It became famous with the machines that manufactured and with the complexes that established in domestic and foreign markets. UNICORE give services to customers mainly by establishing complete Flour, Semolina and Feed Milling Plants, Pasta and Biscuit Production Plants; beside turnkey projects, UNICORE meets the requirements of customer with large product range. By the way, in Flour Milling Division, UNICORE not only produce the flour and semolina machines but also continue to produce maize flour, legume and seed classifying machines. Our company which have standardization in production, principally meets the customer demands completely and on time with its experienced technicians. Main arease in which we are specialized; • Milling Technology of all cereals such as wheat( all types), maize, sorghum, rice, • Design, Flow Sheet, Production, Installation and Commissioning of all Flour, Feed Milling, Pasta, Biscuit Production Lines • Agricultural Machineries and Appliances Used in Cultivation • Consulting & Engineering, Training Facilities of the Customers • Project Management • Turnkey Projects • Optimization of Quality and Consistency with fast, intelligent and economical solutions in the cereal milling • R&D Searches and Studies to innovate new designs and technology • A professional data & experience network among co-operation partners worldwide a. Cereal Processing Machinery b. Silos c. Steel Constructions d. Laboratory Items f. Feed Milling Machinery g. Pasta Production Machinery h. Biscuit Production Machinery i. Agricultural Equipments j. Spare Parts for the Above Mentioned Machine Types and Plants

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